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The Benefits of Offering EV Charging Stations at Hotels and Restaurants

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Imagine a hospitality experience that seamlessly merges innovation and environmental responsibility. What could make your business attractive to travelers, professionals and tourists alike, while simultaneously propelling your business to the forefront of a sustainable revolution?

Hotel & Hospitality Groups See EV Charging Stations as a Great Opportunity

The time has come for your guests to be able to charge their electric cars conveniently and sustainably during their stay. There is a growing demand for hotels to provide electric charging stations and while some lodging experiences, such as Airbnb, offer the ability to filter results for charging stations, unfortunately, domestic and residential electric vehicle charging stations often have limited power capacity and variable charging rates. 

What’s the Difference between Residential and Commercial EV Charging Stations?

A significant contrast between residential and commercial EV charging stations is found in their power capacity and charging rates. Residential stations typically offer charging speeds of around 11 kW, whereas commercial stations have the capability to deliver charging speeds as high as 350 kW. As a result, commercial charging stations have the ability to rapidly charge electric vehicles in comparison to their residential counterparts.

According to a recent study from Stanford, when drivers and organizations utilize public charging stations, like those at businesses or hotels, the value of a charge increases.This is because commercial stations generally offer much faster charging speeds compared to residential stations.

What are the Benefits of EV Charging Infrastructure at Hotels?

The installation of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure at hotels and hospitality-driven businesses can several positive effects, including:

  1. Attracting New Clientele

Offering EV charging facilities can attract environmentally-conscious customers who own or are interested in electric vehicles. These customers might choose your establishment over others that do not provide EV charging, serving to expand your potential customer base.

  1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Providing convenient amenities like EV charging stations can enhance the overall experience for guests. EV owners will appreciate the convenience of being able to charge their vehicles during their stay, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

  1. Boost Brand Image with EV

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility via corporate social responsibility can enhance your brand’s image, resonating with both existing and potential customers, making your business stand out as forward-thinking and socially conscious.

  1. Qualify for Government Incentives

In many regions, there are government incentives or subsidies available to businesses that install EV charging infrastructure. These incentives can offset the initial costs of installation and encourage businesses to adopt more sustainable practices.

It’s important to note that the impact of these benefits can vary based on factors such as location, target customer demographics, the number of EVs in the area, and the overall business strategy. It’s also important to acknowledge the federal support for EV infrastructure has received to expand nationwide support for convenient and reliable electric vehicle transportation. 

Elevate your business to new heights as you position yourself as a trailblazing green leader within your industry. This isn’t just a transformation for your services; it’s a pledge to shape a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.

Hotels can adopt electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to remain competitive by catering to the growing demand for EV charging services among their guests. As more people switch to electric vehicles, providing convenient and reliable charging options can become a significant selling point for hotels

How Hotels can Adopt EV Charging Infrastructure to Stay Competitive

Integrating electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the hospitality industry offers a number of compelling advantages. By embracing this shift in the transportation industry, hotels and hospitality-driven businesses can attract a new wave of environmentally-conscious clientele, expanding their customer base while bolstering their commitment to sustainability. 

With the convenience of EV charging stations, guest satisfaction soars as visitors are able to enjoy the seamless opportunity to power their vehicles during their stay. Furthermore, this initiative allows business’ brand image, positioning it as a forward-thinking and socially responsible establishment. 

Beyond these benefits, the prospect of government incentives and subsidies adds a practical dimension, offsetting initial costs and incentivizing the adoption of eco-friendly practices. In essence, the integration of EV charging infrastructure transcends a mere amenity, propelling businesses towards a more promising and conscientious future.

  • Install Charging Stations 

The most straightforward approach is to install EV charging stations in the hotel’s parking areas. Hotels can offer a mix of standard Level 2 chargers and faster Level 3 DC fast chargers to accommodate different types of electric vehicles and charging needs.

  • Strategic Location for EV Charging Station

Place the charging stations in prominent and easily accessible locations within the hotel’s parking facilities. Ensure that they are well-lit, marked clearly, and close to the entrance for the convenience of EV-driving guests.

  • Provide a User-Friendly EV Charging Experience

Invest in user-friendly charging infrastructure that is easy to use for both hotel guests and visitors. Consider integrating touchless payment systems, mobile apps for remote monitoring and payment, and clear signage with instructions.

  • Offer Reserved Parking to Electric Vehicle Owners

Designate some parking spots near the charging stations as reserved for EV owners. This can incentivize guests with electric vehicles to choose your hotel over competitors.

  • Promote Sustainability 

As part of your organization’s overall efforts to improve guest experience, highlight your hotel’s commitment to sustainability by promoting your EV charging facilities. Many eco-conscious travelers actively seek out accommodations that align with their core mission and values.

What’s Driving Hotels to Offer EV Charging Options?

Policy and regulation are no longer driving sustainability, but markets and consumers are.

Support your guest experience by allowing your guests to request a charging spot during their stay. Integrating this option into your hotel’s online reservation system can attract EV owners who plan ahead for charging availability.

Consider creating loyalty programs that offer special perks, such as free or discounted charging for repeat guests or members.

If your hotel hosts conferences or events, market your EV charging infrastructure as an additional incentive for attendees who drive electric vehicles. Offer special packages that include charging services, such as a “Stay and Charge” deal that includes a discounted room rate along with complimentary charging.

Solutions for EV Infrastructure Begin with the Experts at ElecVulum

If your hotel or hospitality organization is curious to learn more about the overhead, infrastructure or experts needed to facilitate accommodating your business with electric charging stations, ElecVulum is ready to assist you in your journey. 

Founded in 1940 and building on more than half a century of success with Hobbs & Company, ElecVulum is leading the way to low-carbon transportation infrastructure, providing comprehensive EV charging station installation and support to the greater Philadelphia area, New Jersey and Delaware. 

ElecVulum is here to help entrepreneurs empower their businesses and better serve their customers. Connect with one of our experts to discover your options. 


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